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Zied Berrima currently plays for ES Tunis and has made a brief appearance for the first team. For the most part though, he is a developing product for the club. He does play for Tunisia’s U20 side though and is likely going to be apart of their AFCON U20 campaign assuming Tunisia qualify.

Here is a scout report on the tall striker.


Zied is technically gifted where he needs to be to fulfill his role. He’s definitely a mix of a target man and a false 9. He’s a tall striker who tends to find space a bit deeper as well as drifting out wide either to put in a cross or play a one-two while cutting inside.

However, what he does lack in a bit is dribbling. He tends to lose a lot of his attacking 1 v 1’s. While he has decent ball control overall and an acceptable first touch, when it comes to beating an opponent one on one, he struggles. Overall his dribbling could be worse, he doesn’t have the worst dribbling ability in the world, but he fulfills more tactical roles as a striker.

His best asset is his heading. Tunisia often has their keeper put in a long goal kick often aimed at Zied Berrima. From there, they start counters via heading to the wing or behind him to an attacking midfielder exploiting space.

In this example, ES Tunis’ keeper is about to perform a goal kick.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

As the goal kick is aimed towards Zied, he prepares to make his jump and win his aerial duel and possibly start a counter attack with his header, as there is his teammate behind him.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

In terms of drifting out wide, this is well told by his heat map.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

As you can see he’s mostly out wide or deeper in the field.


As mentioned, Zied Berrima is a mix of a target man and a false 9 in the sense that his intention is to hold up the ball and win headers, but he will also roam out of position either out wide or into midfield.

It should be first mentioned that he’s very good at counter pressing, hence why his defensive stats (marking and 1 v 1) are good. He’s got a surprisingly strong defensive game for his position, and he is good in counter pressing systems that try to make exit from the back difficult.

His off the ball is what any striker should have, as he tried to investigate space as much as possible in order to receive the ball in dangerous positions. Not only that, but he also has good communication with his teammates. He loves his 1-2’s.

He’s composed on the ball and his opposing markers struggle to take the ball from him. He doesn’t panic and makes good and quick decisions.


Zied Berrima seems well respected in the team. Not only has he got decent marketing for his age, but on the pitch he communicates well with his teammates and the chemistry between all of them is great. His experience is a bit inflated on the scouting sheet, but adjacent to the Arab U20 championship, he seems ready for a U20 run with Tunisia.

He’s definitely a determined individual and has a good winning mentality.


This right here is his let down. Zied is very much a “I’ll pick on someone my own size” type of player. When playing against players his age that are focused on technique, he holds his own. When he plays against teams more focused on physique such as Senegal, he tends to struggle. This could be why he hasn’t made many appearances for the first team.

His strength is ideal for his age group usually but it’s below average for a target man. However, on the flip side, he’s decently quick and definitely isn’t just an aerial player. His composure also gives him a solid ability to turn, and he’s got very nice balance.

Here is an example of his acceleration.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

Zied Berrima is in some space, and his teammate (Farouk Mimouni) is about to prepare a through ball for Zied who is on the run.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

Berrima makes the run and successfully beats the Moroccan defender in a footrace.


With good facilities, Zied Berrima will become much better and definitely have the ability to play in at least Ligue 1 (France). Tunisian sides don’t debut their youngsters usually until 21 or 22 years old, so Zied should take an opportunity to leave for Europe whenever he gets it. Even if it means playing in the reserves, he’ll still play in a higher standard with better facilities.

A good stepping stone would be a mid table French side without huge expectations, and that should be his first stint in Europe.

Zied Berrima (2001) - Scout Report

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