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Wilder Viera is a young left footed Paraguayan defensive midfielder that has recently begun to gain minutes for Cerro Porteño, one of the country’s most popular football clubs. After a decent showing at the U15 and U17 level for the Paraguayan national team, he got his chance and has impressed thus far in the few minutes he has gotten.

The 18 year old got his debut in 2020 under the helm of Francisco “Chiqui” Arce” and has 73 minutes so far in the top tier.

Here is a World Tour report on the young Paraguayan


His most notable feature is his unpredictability. He’s a very fast player and has high work rate like Paraguayans are trained to have. His first touch and passing are very good, but his main strength is that he is a quick thinker and always knows what is going to be his next move.

Regarding his passing, he is good with it long and short. He puts in 4.68 long passes a game and has a 54% success rate. This is quite a high number especially with how many long balls he puts in per game. As for passing, he puts in 33 passes a game and has a 75% accuracy. This could be higher, but ultimately will improve by age and maturity.

Finally, he puts in 16.48 passes forward per game and has a 66% success rate. This gives him the look of a quite progressive midfielder. In style, coaches have compared him to Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara.


Wilder Viera has great defensive positioning and is very apt in the defensive arts. He is always where he needs to be, and this compliments his high anticipation. He can break down attacks easily with it. He averages 5.51 anticipations per game, which is a decent amount for a midfielder. Obviously not game changing but he is young and has a relatively small sample size.

He is involved in 12.64 defensive duels per game, and wins about 59% of those. He’s involved and quite successful in each clash. He also has 0.31 sliding tackles per game and succeeds in 14% of those. This one is quite low, but it is a very small sample size.

He is also apt at playing the ball out to link up between the defenders and the attackers. He always goes up to the final third but does it to hold possession and doesn’t finish the play in order to track back and prevent counter attacks. This makes his progressive, but cautious.

Lastly, regarding his character, he was the captain in all the youth Paraguayan teams. He is great at passing on the managerial message. Giving tactical advice, inspiring his teammates, etc. He hasn’t done this at senior level likely due to less influence, but he seems eager to learn from the older guard such as Nelson Haedo Valdez or Angel Lucena. He also likes to arrive to training an hour and a half early.


Wilder Viera is very physically strong. He is 1,82 metres tall and weights 75 kg, however he is still working on gaining more strength and muscle. What is quite important, especially for any Paraguayan, is his stamina which allows him to have a high work rate. He can run long distances in a game where a lot of pressing is required.

Lastly, he is quite good in the air. He wins 50% of his 3 aerial duels on average per game, which is a very nice number to have as it shows he can win aerial duels if he has to. Another necessity of the Paraguayan game.


Wilder Viera has great potential and will need to learn from future or past mistakes. He has ability to go far, and it’s almost a certainty that Wilder will be an undisputed starter for Cerro Porteño next season in 2021 and the South American U20 Championship.

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