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Washington Corozo was a gamble taken by Sporting Cristal in 2020, signing him from the Sudamericana champions at that time of Independiente del Valle, and this year they have sold him off to the Liga MX side UNAM Pumas, making the gamble successful.

Here is a scout report on the young Ecuadorian.


While Washington Corozo doesn’t have out-of-this-world technical ability, he does have a very good dribbling ability. Although he does rely on his speed more than his quick feet to win the 1 on 1, he has a 53.4% success rate from his dribbling in the Peruvian Primera Division, for every 5.55 dribbles. This is a great number meaning he wins 1 of every 2 dribbles.

His crossing is also not bad at all, as he has 36% success rate for every 3 crosses per game. In general he gets involved in the attack a lot, and often is great at creating attacking opportunities.

Corozo’s biggest weakness though is his finishing. While he has some end product in terms of assisting chances and crossing, as his xA is at 0.29, his shooting and finishing is abysmal. He has a tendency to either sky a shot or not place it correctly and instead wasting his chance straight at the keeper.

His xG per 90 is 0.19. Not horrible but nothing more than average. Once he works on this part of his game, he has a chance to be absolutely lethal.


Washington Corozo likes to create space for his fullbacks or communicates well with them to help create running space for himself. He abuses his speed and goes forward to beat his marker on the 1 on 1 before crossing or cutting inside.

Below you can see an example of how he plays and communicates with his teammates.

Washington Corozo (1998) - Scout Report

As you can see, Irven Avila is marked by a Racing player in a man-to-man system, and Corozo is all alone out left but one Racing defender is rushing to take his man.

Avila is going to move inside and open up running space for Washington Corozo.

Washington Corozo (1998) - Scout Report

Corozo runs inside after Avila retreats and beats his marker in speed to successfully put in a cross.

Washington Corozo (1998) - Scout Report


Corozo is a very fast and very strong player. This is his main strength. Mixing it along with his tactical game, he knows his strong point and uses it to his advantage.

He’s not too unbalanced either as he doesn’t often fall to the ground and is able to complete those runs into space or to the byline and cutting inside successfully.

He averages 2.42 progressive runs per game and we’ve already explained how he does it.


Washington Corozo has a ton of potential. He’s got all the tools to play in Europe, however as mentioned, he could be lethal if he had better end product, particularly his finishing. He can be a frustratingly wasteful footballer.

In general, he’s got a great chance to improve at Pumas and make a jump to a top 5 league in Euriope.

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