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Pedro Gallese just moved to Orlando City in the MLS and is wanting to leave an impression at the club after going back to Peru for a year to continue growing as a player.

Brian Bertie interviewed him for The Enganche’s Vision.

  • What are your ambitions at your new club?

I came with new goals and excited to have a good campaign here in Orlando. Orlando needs to get to MLS finals, they need to fight for near the top spot and I’m here to help.

  • Before you got to Orlando City, what did you know about the MLS and the club?

Thanks to my teammates who has played here before, the MLS is slowly growing, that every year the teams become more competitive. That every game is fought more and more, and the clubs are signing high profile players. That’s my motivation to be here.

  • The last Peruvian goalkeeper to play in the MLS was FC Dallas’ Raul Fernandez. He was named the best goalkeeper of the league and even got named to the MLS all stars. I can imagine you aren’t out to be “better” than Fernandez was but I can at least ask you if you are keen on replicating his success and leaving behind a good name for Peru?

Not only that but I also come to the MLS to leave my name in the history books, to also be able to help my other teammates as well as open a door to more Peruvian goalkeepers. Also to help my team get as far as possible in their respective campaigns.

  • You’ve been at the club about 2 games but can you tell me how you’ve felt in Orlando and at the club? Also how is your English?

Regarding the language, I’m still studying but I’ve at least learnt all the commands from a keeper to his defence. In the dressing room I have a few words to be able to communicate but I’ll learn eventually.

  • The few games you have played, what did you think of the MLS in comparison to the Peruvian Liga 1 and the Liga MX?

In these early days, I found it faster and more aggressive than at least Peruvian football. The 2 teams I played never gave up in attacking. This makes the league more fun to watch. In comparison with the Liga MX, the games are often more one sided but when a winning team is comfortable they shut up shop more often to hold out a lead.

  • There are rumours that World Cup qualifying for Peru is going to be played with only players from the Peruvian league for at least this 2020. What is your opinion on those?

I always want to play for the national team, but I know the players from the Liga 1 will represent the country well. Back in the 2016 Copa America, most of the team was playing in the Peruvian league and we reached quarter finals. We had a good campaign that year, and that gives me faith that the new batch of players from the Liga 1 will do well.

  • Do you think your move back to Peru was a step backwards or a step forward considering you were in Mexico some time?

Definitely not a step back. The new manager and staff at Veracruz that had joined in that final season decided they wanted a Mexican goalkeeper. They told me personally and I saw my next options. I had an offer from Saudi Arabia. I also had an offer from a South American club. I chose Alianza because they were in the Libertadores. We won the Clausura and then played in the final of the Liga 1, despite losing. It helped me a lot as it also saw me play in the Copa America 2019 with my country.

  • How is it to play with a great leader like Paolo Guerrero

Paolo is a great leader who has tons of experience and is a very good player. He’s played in Europe and now plays in a great league. Him on the pitch always gives us confidence and security. He’s a great goalscorer. The confidence he tries to put on the team is always there.

  • Do you have words of confidence you want to say to the younger goalkeepers of Peru and Orlando City?

Never give up! There is only 1 goalkeeper on the pitch. With work and effort you’ll get your chance. At first I had some trouble, as I was a substitute for 7 years between USMP and Juan Aurich. I took advantage of my chance, and from there everything went uphill. With work, you will get there. It will be tough but always stay enthusiastic.

  1. When you arrived at Alianza Lima, it’s fair to say that it was the first proper big club you’ve played at. With all due respect to Veracruz and Juan Aurich but their fanbases aren’t quite as big. How did you feel playing for the first time in an atmosphere such as the one in Matute?

It was a great experience to be Alianza’s goalkeeper. I’m an Alianza Lima fan firstly, and putting myself there in net in Matute was really nice. Listening to Alianza fans in the stands was the best experience in my career. I hope in the future I can come back and be able to hear the fans again.

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