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Oslimg Mora is a Peruvian winger born on the second of June, 1999. He currently plays for Alianza Lima and has shown a promising start to the season. With Mario Salas now at the helm, it is expected his development goes even further.

Here is a scout report on the player.


Oslimg Mora was born in a town about 3 hours from Lima called Pisco. This area in general has been a huge exporter of talent to Peruvian teams in the past. He is 21 years old as he was born in 1999.

He started gaining publicity in 2016 where he was named by newspapers as the best youth player of the year. However, he was neglected by Alianza Lima until about 2019 despite extremely promising reserve league performances.

In 2019, after a good U20 Sudamericano showing, he was loaned to Universidad San Martin, who debuted him in the Peruvian Liga 1. While he had an OK season for them, it was enough development to convince Alianza Lima to play him in the first team in 2020.

Before the football stopped thanks to Covid-19, Mora was getting regular minutes with Alianza Lima, but manager Pablo Bengochea experimented him as a right wing back. While it was a semi-successful experiment, it is suspected he goes back to play on the right wing when the football restarts under Mario Salas.


Oslimg Mora is very good technically like most young Peruvians are trained to become. Particularly his passing and crossing is very direct but solid. He put in 2.37 crosses a game and succeeded in a staggering 38% which is above average. He also has an 84% passing accuracy.

As for his dribbling, it’s also very good and probably the trait that made him a name. While he’s dribbling less and performing more as a team these days, his ability hasn’t fade. He has 4.93 dribbles per game and succeeded in 70%. As for offensive duels, he’s is involved in 9.68 per game and succeeds in 59% of those.


His versatility has been shown this year. While prior he only really ever played as an advanced winger, but this season as mentioned he’s been experimented as a right wing back. This not only showed his versatility but it also helped his defensive game tremendously.

Oslimg Mora definitely doesn’t work as a right back in a defensive line of 4. However, if you push him up and play him as a right wing back in a line of 3, he works. He wasn’t the greatest defensively but he did a job and went forward a lot.

While he hasn’t entirely played as a number 10, he can also work there as he has some of the traits to help him succeed in that role such as dribbling and through ball ability. In terms of the latter, he’s quite superb. He’s got good vision and knows how to execute a through pass. Oslimg Mora puts in 0.73 through balls a game and succeeds in 75% which is quite the total.

His best attribute as a player is definitely his decision making. He can think quickly and make a good decision in limited space, as well as execute his pass or dribble successfully.

Here is an example of his through ball ability as well as vision.

Oslimg Mora (1999) - Scout Report

Oslimg Mora is about to receive a pass in wide open space, but instead of going forward, he’ll draw defenders in.

Oslimg Mora (1999) - Scout Report

Once he does, his teammate makes a run forward outpacing his marker, in which Mora executes the through ball after seeing him go forward.

Oslimg Mora (1999) - Scout Report

He also has quite good anticipation to be able to get a run going. He has the pace to back it up too. He has 1.46 progressive runs per game. He has 2.48 in the same stat as a right winger in 2019.


As with all young players, he’s not got a great deal of experience. Especially because he debuted last year. As a leader, he doesn’t entirely have the traits to be that. He has the potential to become the best player on the team, but he is a bit mute as you don’t see him speaking much on the pitch.

Oslimg Mora is determined though and has a winning mentality. He’s always wants to win and has great match consistency as a result.


His best area of his game is arguably his physique. He’s a strong forward with a lot of pace and acceleration. As mentioned earlier, he has good anticipation to back up his pace and also has the stamina to keep up.

He’s been working a lot on his strength since the 2019 Sudamericano and he’s able to hold the ball up a lot more now. He’s also balanced and has a great ability to turn to make an unpredictable move, so there’s really no weak spot in his physique.


Oslimg Mora is perhaps the most exciting U23 Peruvian talent at the moment. Despite being neglected by Pablo Bengochea over the years, he finally gave him a chance and he delivered, albeit out of position. It should also be mentioned that he was spotted by Real Madrid and offered him a trial. While that didn’t happen because his family couldn’t afford the Visa, it is definitely an eye opener about the talent he does have, and he should continue his development from here.

Oslimg Mora (1999) - Scout Report

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