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Jhilmar Lora is a young Peruvian right back who has recently been called up to his country’s national team for these World Cup qualifiers and on the preliminary list for the Copa America. He plays for Sporting Cristal and managed to win a starting spot in Libertadores contention. He’s now linked with Liga MX and MLS sides.

Here is a scout report on the young Peruvian.


As with most Peruvian players, he has a great technical ability. He has a very good cross in him and often does so with 3.1 crosses per game, being successful in about 35% of those. He’s very much an offensive full back and goes forward a lot.

Jhilmar Lora has also got a steady first touch and can beat his man on a 1 on 1. If there is any weak point to his technical ability, right now it’s definitely his passing ability. He can often misplace a pass, but that can be put down to still being inexperienced rather than actually having a poor technical ability. He’s got 79% passing accuracy, which isn’t horrible but it is lower than Cristal’s average of 86%.


As mentioned, Jhilmar Lora is very much an offensive full back. He does balance out well to be solid defensively, but he’ll be more effective as an attacker. He is a player who will overlap and put in a good cross, and with a possession based team he’ll thrive drifting further forward.

He’s got 1.5 progressive runs per game. This isn’t a staggering number, but to compare to a more defensive player in Aldo Corzo, who has 0.48 per game, this is a pretty telling total.

Here is his overall heat map below.

As you can see, he’s often on both ends of the pitch, to help with the attack and also track back and do his defensive job. He is also covered by other players on the pitch, so he doesn’t have big shoes to fill yet.

In the above screenshot, you can see how the ball currently at midfield while Lora is beginning to make his overlap and give his team an extra option at attack.

He keeps on trying to find and create space out wide after the ball is nearer to him, which showcases his high work rate.


Lora’s weak point as with most Peruvian players is his physique. He’s not a twig by any means and is at an acceptable level, but he will likely need to muscle up in a better league, as that’s something that’s not always enforced upon in Peru.


Jhilmar Lora still has jury out on him. It’s still tough to say if he has potential for a top 5 league in Europe. However, he’s shown good impressions in the Libertadores and that alone is already a higher standard. It’s safe to say he will be good enough to play for the Peruvian national team and abroad in the America’s at this rate.

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